The seventh cohort of graduate students in the LBJ School of Public Affairs's unique and accelerated DC Concentration have begun their coursework in Austin and they'll be in Washington before we know it.

While in DC, these Master of Public Affairs and Master of Global Policy Studies students take evening coursework as well as their required, simultaneous six-month (June–December 2022) Policy Apprenticeship at a public or private policy organization throughout the city, before graduating early in December 2022.

As the students begin their searches for Policy Apprenticeship placements, they need your help. Below is more information on each of the 2022 LBJ DC Fellows. If your organization might be interested in hosting an LBJ DC Fellow, or you would like to speak to a student about their interests, please contact the LBJ Washington Center via email for more information. Please note: preliminary interest on your or a referred organization's part does not imply a commitment to hire.


Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Matt Brodeur

Matt Brodeur, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Climate change; democratization and good governance; campaign finance

Policy Apprenticeship goal: Climate policy advocacy within a nonprofit organization or think tank.

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Eric BustosEric Bustos, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Urban policy and strategies

Policy Apprenticeship goal: Federal agency, trade association or member of Congress focused on advancing federal policies that expand resources in urban environments

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Da’Shon CarrDa’Shon Carr, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Equity and access in higher education; nonprofit and philanthropic innovation; social welfare

Policy Apprenticeship goal: An organization or think tank that has both a strong mission and values to push forward policy in service of Black and Brown communities

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Blake ComrieBlake Comrie, MGPS-DC Candidate

Policy interests: U.S.-EU relations; global development; U.S.-China policy

Policy Apprenticeship goal: U.S. House or Senate Foreign Relations Committees, State Department, USAID or other global development agencies or organizations focused on U.S. diplomacy and global development

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Jalaina DouglasJalaina Douglas, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Reparations; civil rights; criminal justice

Policy Apprenticeship goal: An advocacy organization focused on issues of equity or on the Hill

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Jaren GaitherJaren Gaither, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Health care economics; equitable access to health care services

Policy Apprenticeship goal: A think tank focused on equitable access to health care and improving the efficiency of health care markets

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Luis GuerreroLuis Guerrero, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interest: Latino civic engagement

Policy Apprenticeship goal: A government agency focused on outreach, such as the Office of Public Engagement

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Samuel HershmanSamuel Hershman, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: National security, defense, and intelligence policy; domestic extremism

Policy Apprenticeship goal: The defense or intelligence sectors, on Capitol Hill, or at a think tank focused on national security

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Eric HolguinEric Holguin, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Public education; poverty reduction; foreign affairs and diplomacy

Policy Apprenticeship goal: Policy advocacy within public education, poverty reduction or foreign affairs in a governmental agency

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Emma MorganEmma Morgan, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: K-12 education; special education; public education in rural areas

Policy Apprenticeship goal: A nonprofit dedicated to developing special education policy or a lobbying firm focused on efforts to increase public education funding or monitoring the implementation of the IDEA Act in schools

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Sarah MorningredSarah Morningred, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Foreign humanitarian policy; educational equity

Policy Apprenticeship goal: State Department, Department of Education or with the committee staff or a member of Congress serving on a foreign relations or education-focused subcommittee

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Kelsey MumfordKelsey Mumford, MPAff-DC / MD Candidate

Policy interests: Health equity; women's health; reproductive justice

Policy Apprenticeship goal: Think tank or governmental organization focused on research and/or data-driven policy development

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Cynthia Kay NiemeyerCynthia Kay Niemeyer, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interest: Energy

Policy Apprenticeship goal: House Energy & Commerce Committee, Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, or for a legislative member with a strong energy interest

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Philip RomikePhilip Romike, MPAff-DC Candidate

Policy interests: Public financial management; infrastructure resiliency; life-cycle procurement strategies

Policy Apprenticeship goal: Organization focused on the efficiency of federal dollars through overarching fiscal policy

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Headshot: 2022 LBJ DC Fellow Maxwell ShulmanMaxwell Shulman, MGPS-DC Candidate

Policy interests: International security; comparative (constitutional) politics

Policy Apprenticeship goal: Foreign policy research institute or a think tank focused on democratization

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