Brandon Bradley is a candidate for the Master of Public Affairs (DC Concentration) at the LBJ School. He is a cum laude graduate in government with considerable electrical computer engineering coursework at The University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to graduate school, Bradley worked in local and state government, most significantly serving as the legislative director for State Representative (soon to be Congresswoman) Jasmine Crockett and as campaign manager for a local county commissioner candidate. These experiences furthered his interest in developing novel policy solutions, communicating effective solutions to policymakers, and expanding the bounds of the politically possible.

Bradley is interested in creating more livable, opportunity-rich cities, particularly in the context of developing dense, affordable housing, bolstering public transit, and decarbonization. At the LBJ School, he is a graduate assistant at the Prison and Jail Innovation Lab, where he communicates academic research to state policymakers, and the KBH Business, Energy, and Law Center, where he conducts policy research.

Bradley hopes to find a Policy Apprenticeship in DC focused on urban or energy policy working with either Congress or an Executive agency.

Policy Interests: Zero-emission electrification, incentivizing dense, transit-oriented development, regulating/leveraging emerging technologies


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