Steering Committee

Partners now and in the future

Distinguished LBJ School alumni in the DC area— leaders in government, nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, advocacy firms, and the private sector — put their expertise and professional relationships to work on behalf of the DC Concentration graduate students.

The LBJ Washington Center Steering Committee is a professional advisory board composed of LBJ School alumni in the Washington area. Members are active advocates for the required six-month Policy Apprenticeships on behalf of DC Fellows. The Steering Committee also co-administers, with the LBJ Washington Center, a formal DC Mentoring program matching DC Fellows with LBJ School alumni in the Washington area for career and professional networking guidance and assistance.

DC Steering Committee

  • Kate Azevedo (LBJ ’04)
  • Christopher Bjornson (LBJ '96)
  • Paul Brown (LBJ ’91)
  • Matthew Tate Cornelius (LBJ ’13)
  • Steven W. Eichenauer (LBJ ’95)
  • Rachel Hoff (LBJ ’14)
  • Preston V. Lee, Jr. (LBJ ’81)
  • David Marshall, Jr. (LBJ ’00)
  • Timothy J. Michalak (LBJ DC Concentration '19)
  • Jed Perry (LBJ '02)
  • Jennifer Poulakidas (LBJ ’91)
  • Alexandra Ritchie (LBJ '05)
  • Daniel Alejandro Sepulveda (LBJ ’96)
  • James B. Smith, Jr. (LBJ ’86)
  • Mark Troppe (LBJ ’84)