Steering Committee

Partners now and in the future

Distinguished LBJ School alumni in the DC area— leaders in government, nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, advocacy firms, and the private sector — put their expertise and professional relationships to work on behalf of the DC Concentration graduate students.

The LBJ Washington Center Steering Committee is a professional advisory board composed of LBJ School alumni in the Washington area. Members are active advocates for the required six-month Policy Apprenticeships on behalf of DC Fellows. 

DC Steering Committee

Kate Azevedo (LBJ ’04)
Christopher Bjornson (LBJ '96)
Paul Brown (LBJ ’91)
Matthew Tate Cornelius (LBJ ’13)
Steven W. Eichenauer (LBJ ’95)
Rachel Hoff (LBJ ’14)
Preston V. Lee, Jr. (LBJ ’81)
David Marshall, Jr. (LBJ ’00)
Timothy J. Michalak (LBJ DC Concentration '19)
Jed Perry (LBJ '02)
Jennifer Poulakidas (LBJ ’91)
Alexandra Ritchie (LBJ '05)
Daniel Alejandro Sepulveda (LBJ ’96)
James B. Smith, Jr. (LBJ ’86)
Mark Troppe (LBJ ’84)