LBJ Washington Center Events

The LBJ Washington Center brings together the national academic community and public policy practitioners through high-profile educational, networking and social events, that create opportunities to meet senior federal policymakers in diverse settings.

March 11
1:30 pm

LBJ Auditorium

The LBJ School's 50 th Anniversary forum Genius for Good celebrates great thinkers and doers who dedicate their brain power to making the world a better place. To inspire emerging generations about the exciting future they can help lead with innovation, think-big public policy and fundamental notions of "the public good," this LBJ Forum convenes space pioneers to talk about advancing space exploration for the good of humanity; medical innovators to share ideas about transforming health; and global warriors in the fight against inequality and poverty.

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April 3
8:30 am
to Saturday
April 4
5:30 pm

UT LBJ School SRH 3

Recently admitted students join the LBJ School for a visit with students, staff and faculty. We will have mock classes, breakout groups, informative presentations from various departments and more. A great chance to gain a sense of the LBJ School's culture and environment before final acceptance

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