Daniel Lecomte is a candidate for the Master of Public Affairs (DC Concentration) at the LBJ School. He graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Commerce (International Management) as an undergraduate at the University of Ottawa. He is specifically interested in the domain of national security, foreign policy concerning Russia and China, and public interest technology for financial and social inclusion. While earning his undergraduate degree, Lecomte acquired experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, which, coupled with his trilingual capabilities, enhanced his versatility in the professional arena. Furthermore, his academic semester in Hong Kong, completed weeks prior to the political unrest, heightened his interest in international politics and more specifically, the foreign policy implications for the United States. He is currently taking “Intelligence Briefing, Writing, and Reading,” which will prepare him for a position in the intelligence community.

Lecomte hopes to find a Policy Apprenticeship in DC working in the intelligence, foreign policy or commerce sector.

Policy interests: National security, foreign policy, public interest technology


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